Certified Addiction Counselor and Recovery Specialist

I've worked in the substance use and mental health treatment field for nearly 15 years. I have lived through the darkness of my addiction and chose this career path to let others know that there is hope and there is a way out. Recovery from alcohol and other drugs is a journey, and that journey is unique to the individual experiencing it. What qualifies me besides my personal journey? My background education is from CA in Human Services specializing in AOD Counseling. I am a Board Certified Addiction Counselor and Board Certified Recovery Support Specialist. I have worked in both non and for profit agencies serving as individual counselor, group counselor facilitator, recovery specialist, program supervisor and manager



Nationally Certified Interventionist and Treatment Placement Coordinator

Four years ago there were very special people in place with open arms who assisted me to treatment. I personally understand the depths, the struggle and the road to recovery. Today, I have a beautiful relationship with my family, quality friends, self-love and respect. 
I have dedicated my professional and personal life to ensure that those who are suffering receive the help they need.
It is my mission to bring hope and healing to those affected by addiction and mental illness with the same compassionate and open arms that helped me.

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Nationally Certified Interventionist and Treatment Placement Coordinator

As part of community outreach in the addiction field, I bring a great passion to my role of helping those struggling with substance use disorder. Before my days of helping others find treatment I was once the one who needed help.

My addiction started early, at the age of 14, and by adulthood meth and other drugs had taken over my life. I lost everything, including my kids and ex-wife, but with the help of others that are like my present self, I was able to change my fate. Once clean, I found myself with the drive to help people who were once like me. I wanted to help people navigate the stepping stones of recovery. I wanted to show everyone that you can change and have a happy life. No matter the evils that you are struggling with today there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

Today you can find me enjoying my hobbies of fixing cars, mudding, and joining jeep clubs. I have been relentless at rebuilding my life back up. I have over 7 years sober and enjoy all the things my hard work has earned me. I am now happily married and working his dream job giving back and providing the crucial support of those going through recovery.



Fitness and Wellness Coach

Brittany has been in the fitness and wellness industry for over ten years, starting out as a boxer then decided to help others through coaching. She specializes in strength, mobility, boxing for fitness, and conditioning. She has worked with all levels, including youth, adults, Parkinson's patients, people in recovery, and athletes. Her favorite aspect of coaching is seeing the mental, spiritual, and physical growth of people through training. She loves to teach different methods of connecting mind and body, leaving you feeling accomplished and proud of all you can do!